Don't Let Your Pet Suffer in a Jail
(i.e. Kennel)

When was the last time your pet put you in jail?

That's why we come to your home and love your pets as much as you love them!

Your Pets Love to Play

So Let Them!

When you tell your pet you’re bringing them to the kennel,
they think you’re sending them to jail.

Don’t send your pet to jail.


Being stuck in an over-priced, disease-ridden cage for days on end
does not encourage their playful spirit to thrive.


That’s where we come in.


We’re going to be completely honest: we love happy pets


That’s why we go to/stay at your house.

We take your pets on walks.

We feed your pets (sort of important).

Most of all, we play with your pets.

This is your dog when they are in a kennel (i.e. jail).

Sad, weary, and most of all, lonely. They aren't happy and they really miss playing.

This is your dog when we stay with them.

Happy, playful, energetic, and (somewhat)
well-behaved. They love to play!


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A Little Taste of Our Bark

3 Ways to Make Sure that Your Puppy Becomes the Best Dog in the World!

3 Ways to Make Sure that Your Puppy Becomes the Best Dog in the World!

Posted by Michaela on Sep 24, 2015

  We take care of many dogs and many puppies, yet it is in what happens from day one that makes sure that you have a well behaved dog. Have you been pulled down the street by your dog yanking your arm from the end of the leash? Does your dog bark like crazy over nothing? These are of course just a couple of examples that people get to deal with in adult dogs when these three things are not followed. Take your puppy to the dog park and let them socialize. Keep following us for a future blog post outlining the best way for your puppy to be introduced to the dog park. Daily walks! This is so incredibly important. I have had clients say that their puppies are so poorly behaved. I have suggested for them to take their puppies on daily walks and to hire us with midday walks. A happy puppy is the result of walking off puppy energy. Buy your puppy plenty of toys. Puppies love to pull and tear apart absolutely everything. Give your puppy a toy that they can either digest (i.e. a rawhide) or something they can’t pull apart easily, like a rubber toy. Be careful of the toys that have stuffing in them, as many dogs will chew and swallow the strings and stuffing. If you follow the above tips for your puppy you are on the path to having a happy dog. As puppies age they do become a bit calmer, but they still are in need of socialization, walks and of course toys with love from you! Happy...

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A Piece of Apple A Day Can Keep the Vet Away

A Piece of Apple A Day Can Keep the Vet Away

Posted by Michaela on Feb 20, 2014

As with green beans, apples are also an amazing treat for your dog. In a perfect world it is best to start your dog out with a piece of apple when they are a puppy. This allows them to not only get used to the taste, but you can also start training them for a piece of apple. My housemate’s dog (Blu) is absolutely obsessed with apples now. He is only nine months old yet absolutely adores them. Anytime I slice an apple he is right next to me ready for a piece! The other night Blu was outside playing and I was slicing an apple inside. Within seconds he came inside and sat down right by my feet ready for that sweet and beautiful piece of apple. Apples are a perfect alternative treat for any dog. As with anything, balance is everything. Don’t give too many treats; otherwise your dog will not want to eat any of their food. Alternatives are also great, because many treats today on the shelves are extraordinarily expensive for the package size and many have added sugar that can be a detriment to your dog’s health. Enjoy sharing an apple snack with your...

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The Great Pizza Heist of ’14

The Great Pizza Heist of ’14

Posted by Michaela on Feb 4, 2014

So one time, I was day dog-sitting two sick dogs of a regular client, Mia and Sienna. Before I left my house, I packed a cold pizza lunch (one of my favorites) and soda. I left for the house and spent the morning reading, drawing, and studying without incident. Lunchtime rolled around and the pizza starred calling to me. I got up and extracted my lunch from the fridge and set it down on the kitchen counter. Just then, another call came to me that may or may not have been related to the empty can of Dr Pepper on the table. I left the slice sitting on the counter in its plastic bag and headed for the bathroom. I wasn’t gone two minutes, but when I came out, Mia, the quieter of the two dogs, was huddled in the laundry room with a mask of impending doom and guilt fitted on her face as she looked up at me. I continued to the kitchen to find Sienna happily inhaling the last of my lovely pizza. To this day, I have no idea how a short beagle-mix was able to nick the pizza bag off the tall kitchen counter (Michaela’s note: it is about 3 feet off the ground) and reduce my beloved and much anticipated lunch to nothing more than a spread of sad little crumbs on the kitchen floor. Michaela’s note: Caroline responded perfectly to this situation. She ended up calling the owner and the owner informed her that this is not the first time Sienna has eaten an entire pizza. The owner was pleased to see...

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