Don't Let Your Pet Suffer in a Jail
(i.e. Kennel)

When was the last time your pet put you in jail?

That's why we come to your home and love your pets as much as you love them!

Your Pets Love to Play

So Let Them!

When you tell your pet you’re bringing them to the kennel,
they think you’re sending them to jail.

Don’t send your pet to jail.


Being stuck in an over-priced, disease-ridden cage for days on end
does not encourage their playful spirit to thrive.


That’s where we come in.


We’re going to be completely honest: we love happy pets


That’s why we go to/stay at your house.

We take your pets on walks.

We feed your pets (sort of important).

Most of all, we play with your pets.

This is your dog when they are in a kennel (i.e. jail).

Sad, weary, and most of all, lonely. They aren't happy and they really miss playing.

This is your dog when we stay with them.

Happy, playful, energetic, and (somewhat)
well-behaved. They love to play!


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A Little Taste of Our Bark

Emergency Vet Runs with Our Clients

Posted by Michaela on Jun 7, 2017

No one expects to leave town and receive a call from the Emergency Vet’s office. Yet, it does happen – rarely – for our clients. That’s why we ask you to complete our Medical Release form and let us know your preferred Vet in town. We take our job seriously, and we want to ensure that any health issue your dog or cat may be experiencing is handled with love and care, as if you were home. We’ve only had three emergency vet visits in almost six years in business, and all three of them have been with dogs. In that time, we’ve literally taken care of hundreds of your furry family members. I bet you’d like to know what happened? The first situation occurred when Michaela returned to a client’s house to find a plastic bottle of Rimadyl chewed up on the floor. The owner had not forewarned us that her dogs were “counter surfers” and she preferred that the dogs not be closed into a room or a crate in the house. It was impossible to know which dog ate the pills, and upon speaking with the owners (who were out of town), they didn’t remember how many pills were in the bottle. Therefore, it was decided to take both dogs to the emergency vet. The vet determined that the dogs needed to have their stomachs pumped, and remain at the vets until the next day. Thankfully, both dogs survived the procedure just fine, and nothing was left on the counter tops for the remainder of the time we stayed at their home! The next situation occurred...

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The Joy of Puppies!

Posted by Michaela on May 2, 2017

This past weekend, we had the joy of taking care of this 9 month old puppy, Mia. It was a fun, exhausting, loving, exhausting experience! Did I mention that it was exhausting?! Puppies can be like that! We’ve written about puppies before in our blog post “3 Ways to the Best Puppy“, and we want to delve into this topic more. Puppies are just like little humans. They need A LOT of attention. If you’re contemplating getting a puppy, make sure that you have a lot of time to devote to their care…and not just during the day. All puppies should be crate trained and/or confined into a certain area of the home, for example, the laundry room, especially when you first bring them home. The goal is for them to be able to be alone without whining or crying, or becoming overly stressed. That way you can go to work, go to the grocery store, and basically live your life! Crate training is important for you to be able to transport the puppy to the Vet in the car. A puppy that can free roam throughout the home can get into a lot of trouble, even if the owners are at home! Shoes can be chewed up, or a puppy can eat a pair of socks, which might have to be surgically removed (We know a puppy who had this happen!) Leash and Collar A puppy can be leash trained from DAY ONE. A leather leash is our preference, because a vinyl leash has the tendency to burn human hands. Any collar will work for your puppy. Just...

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4 Hazards To Watch Out For This Easter

4 Hazards To Watch Out For This Easter

Posted by Michaela on Apr 11, 2017

Easter is a time to make memories with your family. This does not include running to the vet while your dog is about to get sick. Here are four hazards to watch out for this Easter season. Easter Lily-Did you know that if your cat gets into an Easter Lily it can be highly toxic? Make sure to keep it away from them, either on a counter they can’t jump on, or not in your home. Easter Grass-As with any type of tinsel, this can cause severe digestive issues if your dog or cat gets into Easter Grass. When you are doing easter baskets make sure to put your animals in another room while you and your children are having fun. Chocolate– This is very important to watch out for. Those chocolate ears are the best though, right? Well, your dog might think so for the first five minutes until they get a really bad belly ache. Chocolate can kill a dog if they eat too much of it and don’t get the correct care as soon as possible. To mitigate this issue, put your chocolate in an area where your dog can’t sniff it out in the kitchen. Xylitol– We know that your dog can be a bit mischevious. We don’t want Fido to get into that yummy candy that has xylitol in it though. It can also be very harmful to them. Did you know that some Peanut Butters now have xylitol in it instead of just plain sugar?? Read those ingredients and you will be well on your way. Easter is a time to come together...

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