Your Pet Isn’t Just “A Pet.”

They’re family.


Whether you’re traveling across continents,
working a long day,
or even just visiting a friend’s house,
One thing’s for sure:

You’re worried about your pet.

And your pet is worried about you.


When you’re home, you can deliver all the love you want.

You can give them belly rubs, ear scratches, and treats!

You take them on walks.

You deliver them the love they deserve.


But when you travel?

You put them in jail.

Don’t put your pet in jail.

A kennel makes them sad.

That makes them miss you.


Stop making your pet miss you.


Hire us instead! Pitter Pattering Paws is a Colorado Springs-based pet sitting company. Our specialty is delivering all the love necessary to keep your pet(s) happy, energetic, and (mostly) well-behaved.


We deliver all the love your pet needs.

We give them bully rubs, ear scratches, and treats! (Just like you do)

We take them on walks.


In short, we provide the best pet sitting & pet care service in Colorado Springs.

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  • We take your pets on walks to keep them well exercised and happy.
  • We give them belly rubs and ear scratches to keep them joyful, playful, and energetic!
  • Your pets may end up better trained when we leave (always a bonus!)
  • We can stay at your home while you’re away so you don’t have to worry about your pet(s)
  • We care for your pets and their well being so they’re just as happy to see you when you arrive home as when you leave

We’ve Got a Leg Up on
Our Competition

Stop putting your pets in jail (i.e. kennel). Hire the best pet sitting service in Colorado Springs and make sure your family member is happy, 100% of the time!

P.S. We guarantee a belly rub. Or an ear scratch. No matter what. To your pet! Not to you...that'd be strange.



Q: Why don’t I just go to a kennel?
A: Your pet loves you…until you do that. Kennels are disease-infested jails for pets that don’t encourage their playful courage to thrive and can cause your pet to get very sick. They’re also pricy and really aren’t worth your time.


Q: How expensive are you?
A: We knew you may catch that there isn’t a price above! We don’t believe in one set price for everyone, because every dog, cat, or other pet deserves their own special care, love, and time. Price will vary by customer, but we can guarantee that we beat kennel pricing (and lifestyle)!


Q: Are you REALLY that good?
A: Yes, we REALLY are that good. We pride ourselves in our ability to make your pets happy! In fact we’re so good, you’ll have to try us out!