About Us

Here’s a loud bark.

Just for you.

Instead of forcing your pet into an evil pet jail (i.e. kennel), we come to your house and take care of your pets in friendly surroundings. They (your pets) stay healthy, friendly, and well-behaved.

Oh, and they might be a little better trained when you come home.
That’s on us.


At Pitter Pattering Paws, we live & breathe (literally) pet hair and pet care. During the past 8 years alone, we have serviced and continue to service extraordinarily awesome puppies from Colorado Springs to Denver. We spend loving & caring time with your pet(s), making sure you come home to a happy friend who loves to give us a bark everytime we come.

Michaela Smith

CEO & Dog Lover

This is Michaela. She runs the place. You’ll always be in touch with her even if we have another sitter taking care of your pet. She loves to talk (especially to dogs).

Morgan Smith

Tech Specialist

This is Morgan. He’s the guy who keeps us updated on all of our tech! After building this website, he’s stayed on to help us create the best experience for you using top-of-the-line software and other technology! Morgan helps us out in emergencies and is a trustworthy Eagle Scout.

Laketia Johnson

Laketia loves dogs because they love you unconditionally and they are always willing to lay on your feet and keep them warm on a cold night. Now that is a great friend! She loves Colorado due to the endless adventure possibilities and the unpredictable weather. You can have all four seasons in one week, which makes life exciting. In college, she did a semester abroad in South Australia.
Interesting facts about Laketia:
I am two years older than my oldest niece and nephew.
I make my own dog treats, which has ultimately turned my pups in to little snobs.


Vanessa McVey

Pets offer unwavering companionship and entertainment. As an owner of two chinchillas she has a plethora stories about their mischief and amusing things they do. Her Springer Spaniel also fills almost every day with a laugh or two, but is always there when you want to cuddle. She enjoys pet sitting, because it allows her to spend time with other pets and get to know them during my short time with them. Her favorite small pet is a tie between rabbits and chinchillas, both of which she currently has the pleasure of owning. As for cats, she loves the gentle giant Maine Coon. Springer Spaniels or Wheaten Terriers are my favorite dogs. When she is not hanging out with animals, she enjoys spending time with family, traveling, reading, and exploring the great outdoors.