The Joy of Puppies!

This past weekend, we had the joy of taking care of this 9 month old puppy, Mia. It was a fun, exhausting, loving, exhausting experience! Did I mention that it was exhausting?! Puppies can be like that!

We’ve written about puppies before in our blog post “3 Ways to the Best Puppy“, and we want to delve into this topic more.

Puppies are just like little humans. They need A LOT of attention. If you’re contemplating getting a puppy, make sure that you have a lot of time to devote to their care…and not just during the day.

All puppies should be crate trained and/or confined into a certain area of the home, for example, the laundry room, especially when you first bring them home. The goal is for them to be able to be alone without whining or crying, or becoming overly stressed. That way you can go to work, go to the grocery store, and basically live your life! Crate training is important for you to be able to transport the puppy to the Vet in the car.

A puppy that can free roam throughout the home can get into a lot of trouble, even if the owners are at home! Shoes can be chewed up, or a puppy can eat a pair of socks, which might have to be surgically removed (We know a puppy who had this happen!)

Leash and Collar

A puppy can be leash trained from DAY ONE. A leather leash is our preference, because a vinyl leash has the tendency to burn human hands. Any collar will work for your puppy. Just make sure it’s tight enough and comfortable for your dog, 2 human fingers should be able to fit in between the collar and the dog. You shouldn’t be able to pull the collar over your dog’s head. If you can, then the collar is too loose.

Our experience is that if you train your puppy from the beginning, you shouldn’t have any issues with pulling that would necessitate a gentle leader on the dog’s nose. A harness won’t be necessary for your dog, either as long as you train your puppy to walk appropriately on a leash. Don’t know how to train your puppy? We’d be happy to help you train him/her. Just ask Michaela!

Training your puppy is an energetic thing. Puppies want to please humans. Use your words, and they will learn how to obey.

Potty training your puppy

Your puppy should have an area in the yard that they know how to potty in. In other words, they shouldn’t HAVE to go on a walk to go potty. And vary your walk routes so that you get new views, and your puppy gets new smells. This also makes it easier for Pitter Pattering Paws to take your puppy for a walk.

Potty pads inside the house for a puppy is a dangerous precedent to set. You want to have your puppy learn to go outside. And you may need to get them outside every 2 hours, including overnight, at first to circumvent accidents.

Love and Affection

Your puppy wants lots of love and affection, and you may find that you don’t have time for anything else. Your days will be filled with lots of kisses, a few treats, a walk, a nap, food, another walk, and training, training, training.

Enjoy your puppy!