A Piece of Apple A Day Can Keep the Vet Away

A Piece of Apple A Day Can Keep the Vet Away

Apples are another fantastic treat for your dog!

In a perfect world, it is best to start your dog out with a piece of apple when they are a puppy. This allows them to not only get used to the taste, but you can also start training them for a piece of apple. If you take off the skin of the apple to start that is even better. Puppies are growing, this includes their intestines.

One of our clients, Blu, is absolutely obsessed with apples now. He is only nine months old yet absolutely adores them. Anytime I slice an apple he is right next to me ready for a piece! The other night Blu was outside playing and I was slicing an apple inside. Within seconds he came inside and sat down right by my feet ready for that sweet and beautiful piece of apple.

Apples are a perfect alternative treat for any dog. As with anything, balance is everything. Don’t give too many treats; otherwise, your dog will not want to eat any of their food. Alternatives are also great because many treats today on the shelves are extraordinarily expensive for the package size and many have added sugar that can be a detriment to your dog’s health.

Enjoy sharing an apple snack with your dog!