Dog Walking

Dog Walking




Does your dog cross its legs when you are gone to work?



Hire us! We make sure your dog gives you a high five when you come into the house because you hired us!

This is what we will work with your dog on:

1. Walk either next to us on the walk or behind us.

2. The command “go potty”. This is important if (for example) the weather is horrible and then you can just put your dog in the backyard, use the command and voila, your dog did it! Happy dance!

3. Losing weight. Sadly lots of dogs have the eggplant shape (their butt is the tip).

4. Amazing behavior on the leash. We have been told by many of our clients that their dogs behave so much better for us than for anyone else. Hire us!

5. Excellent kennel training. Does your dog bolt out of its kennel when you open it? We will make sure that stops happening.



At Pitter Pattering Paws we have a couple of things that we make sure to do with your dog while walking them.



1. Your dog will walk either next to our pet sitter or behind our pet sitter. The reason for this is then we make sure we don’t trip over your dog and then your dog knows who the leader is, us!

2. We have leashes for your dog if you don’t have any. It is so important that every dog we walk is on a leash no matter what. The second we open the door till when we come back to your home, your dog stays on leash.

3. Heel is an amazing command. If your dog doesn’t know that word we will work with your dog to learn heel. This is important so that yet again we will not trip or step on your dog.

4. We get lots of giggles from all of our dogs. The key with any of our clients is to make sure that before we leave, your dog is nice and calm so they don’t get anxious when we do leave. We will play and then calmly rub a tummy or two just to make sure they are nice and calm before we leave your home to come back soon!