Does Your Dog Take You On Walks?

Does Your Dog Take You On Walks?

I have personally come across many owners who are constantly telling me that they do not like other dogs and that they pull so hard on all walks. Why is this exactly? I want to teach you how to train dogs to walk on a leash. Having a dog takes a lot of responsibility to constantly make sure the dog is happy and safe. It is the owners responsibility to socialize the dog and keep the dog from pulling on walks.

So what tips and tricks have I found that seems to work really well when you take your dog on a walk? It all starts when you put the leash on the dog. Make sure the dog is calm and isn’t very excited to go on a walk. For most owners it can be very instinctual to get your dog excited for a walk. When in reality staying calm is so key with your dog. Waiting for them to sit and have there entire complexion be calm. This isn’t just for there ears to go down, but this is with there entire body. Some dogs take five minutes to calm down, while others take longer. You as an owner have the responsibility to stay calm and DO NOT get frustrated and just put on the leash. The dog will then see that it is okay to be hyper and excited to go on for a walk. This entire situation as I said starts before the walk.

The next test is getting a collar on your dog. If you hire a dog walker or house sitter it can at times be hard for them to know how your dog will react to a collar. Some dogs yet again do not like collars put on their neck. Yet even if you are the owner and your dog doesn’t like to have a collar put on him or her make sure to have patience. Any dog takes a lot of patience. Grab a treat and put it in the middle of the collar so that they have to stick there head through the collar to be able to get the treat. Yet again this takes lots of patience and consistency.

There is truly no need to yell at a dog when they have done something bad like pull on a leash. There are many other types of reinforcements to use that will get the message across clearer. Okay so now your dog is calm and has a collar on, the next step is to get out the door. Many owners get so frustrated that dogs will just pull ahead out the door and will completely forget that they have a leash on which means the owner gets pulled out also. So what do you do? Have patience. Be the authority in the situation. Make sure that the dog knows that you are in control. The way that you do this is by practicing walking out of the door. Have a strong but calm presence when you walk out the door. Block the dog from walking out first with your legs. Keep practicing this till they understand that you go out of the door first and they can come also.

Now is the process of actually going on the walk. Make sure to keep an eye on your dog by guiding them either on the left or right side of you. This will allow you to have more control of your dog and they will then understand that yet again you are the authority in this relationship. When you are on the walk if they do start to pull ahead do a little wrist twitch along with a harsh “shh” sound. That way they relate the twitch and the sound as something that they shouldn’t do. If you keep this consistent they will then understand that you want them to stay back and will thus be an enjoyable dog walk.

The collars that I suggest are usually the normal collars. The ones that go into the neck of the dog can be dangerous to the dog and dig into there skin which is definitely something we don’t want. Otherwise good luck on getting taking your dog on a walk and staying calm and consistent.