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Emergency Vet Runs with Our Clients

Posted by on Jun 7, 2017 in Pet Sitting

No one expects to leave town and receive a call from the Emergency Vet’s office. Yet, it does happen – rarely – for our clients. That’s why we ask you to complete our Medical Release form and let us know your preferred Vet in town. We take our job seriously, and we want to ensure that any health issue your dog or cat may be experiencing is handled with love and care, as if you were home. We’ve only had three emergency vet visits in almost six years in business, and all three of them have been with dogs. In that time, we’ve literally taken care of hundreds of your furry family members. I bet you’d like to know what happened? The first situation occurred when Michaela returned to a client’s house to find a plastic bottle of Rimadyl chewed up on the floor. The owner had not forewarned us that her dogs were “counter surfers” and she preferred that the dogs not be closed into a room or a crate in the house. It was impossible to know which dog ate the pills, and upon speaking with the owners (who were out of town), they didn’t remember how many pills were in the bottle. Therefore, it was decided...

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