Cat Sitting


Your Cat isn’t just a Cat!

They are family!

Whether you’re traveling across continents,

working a long day,

or even just visiting a friend’s house,

One thing’s for sure:

You’re worried about your cat.

And your cat is worried about you.

We all know that cats can have a few different personalities.


There is the schizo where you never know what might happen when you see them. They might claw at your ankles or they might

want to fall asleep on your chest.


Then there are those who don’t care how much hair you have on your clean black pants when you leave. All they want to make

sure of is you take a little bit of them when you leave the house.


We love all kinds of cats. Cats who have diabetes, cats who are scared of people and cats who just want to purr the entire trip

away. Cat sitting is more than just walking in and feeding them, it is about giving them love, creating an environment where they

want to come up and say hello and being there for them if all we get is a little nuzzle. Nuzzles are good right?

Stop making your pet miss you!


Call us today to find out more about Pitter Pattering Paws cat sitting services!