5 Tips to Keep Your Dog Well Behaved

5 Tips to Keep Your Dog Well Behaved

As the business has become very busy, I have noticed that there are a lot of owners that get very frustrated with there dog because they might not listen or have a tendency to misbehave with the other dogs that they live with. A few owners have said that they absolutely despise there dog sometimes. I truly find this very disheartening as I try to work with all the dogs to become better behaving dogs. So what are the five items that you should remember to keep your dog well behaved?

1. Consistency– This is always key with any dog because they learn with repetition. If you feed them same time morning and night and have a pet care provider come into your home and change the times, the dog could have major issues. The same goes with walks. Your dog will be so much calmer with going on a walk the same time everyday. They know what is expected of them.

2. Care – All dogs need care. Even if they did something bad(like chew up a shoe) make sure that after you have reprimanded them that they know you still love them. I would not suggest to give a treat because that means you are rewarding bad behavior.

3. Keep it simple – dogs are simple animals when you boil down to it. They want lots of love but they also need training. By no means do I expect dogs to be able to go search and rescue my cell phone when I lose it in the house. I do have an expectation that a dog will know sit, down and stay. These are all extremely important. Dogs live to please the owners. If that is the case then keep it simple with training while making sure your dog is constantly learning something new.

4. Learn – Learn as much about your breed as you possibly can. Part of the responsibility of any dog owner is to know what the breed is known to do. For example, are Great Dane’s considered a giant breed or are they on the 100 lbs. cusp? These are certain facts that will help you learn a lot more about your dog and help educate others if they are afraid of large dogs like Great Dane’s.

5. Enjoy – Your dog is supposed to be an animal that you enjoy being around. Part of being an owner is being calm around any dog. This will make you have a happier home and you will certainly be a calmer paw owner.

The biggest tip I can give you(we are on to number 5 1/2) is that you need to take ALL responsibility of whatever your dog does. Most owners have had there dog since they were puppies. Take responsibility of your dog. If you do, there will be many more happy dogs along with happy people that surround your dog.