3 Ways To The Best Puppy!

3 Ways To The Best Puppy!


Here is what you need to do DAY ONE to have the best puppy!

Have you been pulled down the street by your dog yanking your arm from the end of the leash? Does your dog bark like crazy over nothing?

These are just a couple of examples that people get to deal with in adult dogs when these three items are not followed from the very beginning.

  1. Take your puppy to low stimulating places and let them socialize. Most puppies aren’t ready to go to the dog park at such a young age because they haven’t had their immunizations yet. A dog park is also a VERY stimulating place which can make your dog very excited or nervous. Instead, take them for a ride in a car, or a walk down the sidewalk!
  2. Daily walks! This is so incredibly important. We have had clients say that they have poorly behaved dogs. This is especially true for puppies ages 2 months to 2 years old. The usual reason is that the puppy has pent up energy. When you go for a walk, make sure to do a good 30-minute walk, both for you and your dog. A happy puppy is a result of walking off puppy energy.
  3. Buy your puppy plenty of toys. Puppies love to pull and tear apart absolutely everything. Give your puppy a toy that they can either digest (i.e. a hard bone) or something they can’t pull apart easily, like a rubber toy. Be careful of the toys that have stuffing in them, as many dogs will chew and swallow the strings and stuffing, which isn’t good for their digestive system.

If you follow the three tips for your puppy you are on the path to having a happy dog. As puppies age they do become a bit calmer, but they still are in need of socialization, walks and of course, toys …and LOTS of love from you!

Happy tails!